Brandon Marquiste



With the West enjoying a national and critical resurgence in rap, there’s no time like the present for Brandon Marquiste to turn his dreams into reality.

The Los Angeles native reps for the Lynwood section of the city and he’s more than ready to put a stamp on his hometown through his music. 

He brings a new and unique flavor to his bars, honed by his experiences coming up in the game and surviving the streets. His style is a combination of the classic LA sound with a modern twist. 

He raised his profile considerably in 2018 by dropping “Top Rhymen,” a 13-track project that told his tale through a series of hard-hitting and personal songs. With the successes of the last year on his resumé and a tireless work ethic in his arsenal, 2019 is already gearing up to be his biggest year yet. 

He's dropped two new singles - "On Me" and “Dreams to Remember” - that showcases his versatility and ability to tackle a wide range of topics in his music. 

Not afraid to use his voice for issues important to him and his community, “Dreams to Remember” is a powerful and personal recollection of his own family’s history and the perseverance of his people. It’s a fitting track that sets the tone for all the new dreams he’ll make come true. 

Basic Info 



Lynwood, CA


Rap, Hip Hop 


Years Active//

2017 -Present



Associated Acts//

Yung LA, Gangsta, Joe Moses, Lock West, Marv Dog



Muriel Drive Records (Independent)










Muriel Drive Records: Contact here

Booking Agency//

OVM Booking Booking Agency, Marquis Adams: Contact here